Reset with Terese

(Beginning September 9th)


Reset is a class designed to calm the mind, release stiffness, relieve pain, and 

improve body awareness, posture and range of motion.  This approach,

created by Terese Schoen, uses the body's natural ways to "Reset" self. 


Terese is licensed in the practices of Nia, Qoya and Ageless Grace.

In Reset Terese uses a culmination  of over 40  years of education, ancient wisdom,

intuition and soothing movement practices with purposefully selected music

for you to achieve the daily “Reset” you’re looking for in life.    


Working with the earth, tools within your body, and higher guidance,

this class will bring you more peace, a refreshed outlook and

a positive shift in your body, mind, and spirit.   


Come as you are and leave feeling the peace you deserve.  No experience is necessary.

Call:  704-858-0379


2101 Belvedere Avenue, Charlotte, NC  28205

Room 302 of Education Building at The Vine United Methodist Church

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